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The Link Between Edtech, Curiosity and Creativity in the Classroom FLS News Issue 1211 Thu 14 October 2021

“Education is the best weapon through which we can fight poverty, ignorance and terrorism.― Malala Yousafzai [more quotes]
🕛 4 Mins | Edtech
The Link Between Edtech, Curiosity and Creativity in the Classroom
Anyone who has spent more than a few…
🕛 7 Mins | Research
Most organizations and training provides…
🕛 5 Min  | Responses to COVID-19
Bridge the knowing-doing gap to help fix the global education crisis
With over 240 billion schools days lost…
🕛 4 Mins  | Research
Equitable Access to Literacy (EAL) Plan
The Equitable Access to Literacy (EAL) plan is a comprehensive and equitable literacy…
🕛 30 Min | Blended Learning
Collaborating To Transform And Improve Education Systems: A Playbook For Family-School Engagement
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Dates: 10 November 2021
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