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Equitable Education Alliance (EEA)

Equitable Education Alliance (EEA) is a community of practitioners for organizations; ministries, agencies and NGO’s who strives to push for a more inclusive and equitable educational system while enhancing the performance of existing equitable education organizations at all levels.

"Our purpose is to improve equity in education through collaborative efforts, by providing substantive and technical support to those in need."

Advocacy and Communication 

  • Advocate for educational policies based on equity-based education and SDG4.
  • Exchange relevant, up-to-date information, knowledge of practices and programs, and promising cases regionally and globally. 

Partnership Building 

  • Promote connections between similarly minded organizations, introduce new members to the alliance grow and ecosystem of educational organizations working towards equity in education.
  • Including NGOs/CBOs, and private sector stakeholders to familiarize with project and programs and work for implementation of new initiatives.

Technical support  

  • Develop joint actions.
  • Support the establishment of a model of equitable education foundation in the region and globally.
  • The alliance facilitates knowledge sharing, advocacy work, forming partnerships for strengthening equity in education systems and development of a model of equitable education foundation(s) or mechanisms in the region. This will be achieved by providing oversight and strategic direction for the continual, consistent, multi-national improvement of education systems. 

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