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Educator Toolbox

Want to try something new in the classroom? Need some new ideas or didactical tools to enhance your students’ learning? Or did you just find out about kick-ass good resource bank for educators and want to share it with us?

This is the Educator Toolbox where we can support each other’s pedagogical work, celebrate success (of your work, of course) and get to know the best tips and tricks for equitable choices for classroom use. Please share us your best practices, workshops and ideas for supporting equity and inclusion!

What we are looking for:

  • Applicable teaching materials and tools – something what can be taken to action immediately, without expensive facilities or gadgets
  • Existing resource banks for educators – all levels, subjects, sizes, and shapes
  • Non-profit / pro bono networks of fellow educators
  • Tangible ideas how to improve the website or this Toolbox section

What we are not looking for:

  • Promotion of commercial products and solutions (Did you read the part of lack of resources and funding in education systems, especially with out of school children and youth…?)
  • Extensive reports
  • Research or theories (Don’t get us wrong. We are all in with fact-based knowledge and love research, but this section is something what can be applied right away in management and administrative contexts. You can share your cases and stories in Knowledge 101)

Share your tools to improve education, teaching materials, lesson plans, and ideas!

Please upload the fiile(s) to a cloud storage and share the link in the box above.

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