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Education Leader Toolbox

Are you looking for applicable solutions for systemic issues in education? Innovative finance? Resources for curriculum development? Best practices for policies? Do you have the newest framework, dataset, or ready-to-apply case to share to fellow educational leaders?

This is the Education Leader Toolbox, a curated collection of tools for policymakers and education leaders at all levels to share resources, make everyone’s work a bit easier and to create a positive impact. Do please share your best resources with us, but do keep it as applicable and practical as possible!

What we are looking for:

  • Best practices, cases, applicable materials – something which can be operationalized swiftly
  • Existing resource banks for educational leaders – all levels, subjects, sizes, and shapes
  • Non-profit / pro bono networks for policymakers and educational leaders, capacity building opportunities, etc.
  • Tangible ideas on how to improve the website or this Toolbox section to serve your needs better

What we are not looking for:

  • Promotion of commercial products and solutions (Did you read the part where there are lack of resources and funding in education systems, especially with out-of-school children and youth…?)
  • Extensive reports
  • Research or theories (Don’t get us wrong. We are all in with fact-based knowledge and love research, but this section is something what can be applied right away in management and administrative contexts. You can share your cases and stories in Knowledge 101, though)

Share your tools to improve the work in education policy and finance

Please upload the fiile(s) to a cloud storage and share the link in the box above.

Education Policy Toolbox

Research and Studies

UNESCO’s open access repository

UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) Learning Portal

Resource Collections - INEE

Training the next generation of humanitarians - Kaya

Knowledge Hub - Teacher Task Force

Formative Assessment - UNICEF

Self-assessment tool on inclusion in and around schools - Erasmus+

To Inclusive Education and BEYOND - EASPD