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Equity in Distance Learning: Best Practice and Resources


Simply providing access is not the same as providing an equitable education. Minnesota’s
students deserve equitable access to an equitable education at all times.
Equity in education was already elusive, but the current global pandemic further complicates the
lives of many students, in particular: students of color, indigenous students, students facing
housing insecurity, students receiving special education services, immigrant students, LGBTQ+
students, English language learners, and students receiving free or reduced-price lunch services.
Educators provide critical services for all students, and there are methods and practices that will
help preserve some continuity of support and care during the time of COVID-19.
What follows is a list of resources, practices, and tips on how to equitably serve students during
this uncertain moment in the history of the United States. This information will grow, expand,
and change as we learn more about COVID-19. Actions by the federal and state agencies will
also contribute to modification of these resources.
Our goal is to provide the most recent information to members of Education Minnesota, so they
can stay safe, protect their students, and provide a quality, equitable education. Our goal will be
to always providing the answer to the following questions:
What can educators do to help districts shift to equitable, distance learning models, for
the foreseeable future?
What proactive measures can be taken to prevent the exacerbation of known
educational inequities worse as well as the creation of new inequities?

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