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Equity in Distance Learning Education experts share how to reach all learners during COVID-19


Overcoming the distance: social and emotional

When we do not see our students in person, it’s easy to feel distant. Educators who teach live virtual classes have the opportunity to check-in only with the students that have access. We might ask these students, How are you feeling? How are things at home? What do you need help with from yesterday’s lesson? This live virtual connection guides direction for instructional pacing and creates emotional support for the class.

But what about those students who couldn’t access the video call and didn’t show up? Did they understand the new content? Is everything ok at home? Did they even eat breakfast? Questions like these haunt us, as we know that students who don’t have access and a supportive home environment aren’t being reached at all.

Don’t give up. High school educator Susan Scott from The International School of Ho Chi Minh City shares, “We know the axiom: Each one Teach one. But these days, make it Reach one.” Sending a personal letter of encouragement, even to that one hard-to-reach student, can make a huge impact. While a great deal is out of our control, we as educators can take time to reflect on teaching practice in this challenging environment and remember what we are


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