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Global Teacher Campus

Mobilizing the Global Education Coalition to support teachers in the development of digital skills and pedagogical competencies for online, remote and hybrid education, and to address learning losses.

What is the Global Teacher Campus?

The Global Teacher Campus (GTC) is a flagship program of UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition. It seeks to provide teachers and educators with opportunities to improve their pedagogical knowledge and practice through a wide selection of upskilling courses ranging from Mental Health Psychosocial Support/Social Emotional Learning (MHPSS/SEL) and digital pedagogical training for conflict areas, to the use of ICTs, digital technologies, and other forms of distance and hybrid education.

Response to new challenges

In recent times, new educational challenges and demands have emerged and require reconsidering educational offers and upskilling the changemakers at the forefront of such transformations: teachers.

A motivated teacher in the classroom is the single most important school-based factor to ensure quality education and learning outcomes. The current global “teachers’ gap”, the teachers’ shortage, is both quantitative and qualitative, as many are lacking sufficient skills and training, due to shortage and on-ramping recruitments. Teachers have adapted their practice to cater to longstanding and emerging needs and to a variety of contexts, yet they need to be empowered within well-resourced, efficient, and effectively governed systems.

The most efficient approach to closing the gap is support preparedness by providing content, format, and pedagogies diversification beyond the technological upskilling: a sound preparation on crisis trauma-informed practices, social and emotional learning, education in displacement, psychosocial support, and wellbeing, supported by stronger collaborations among multiple stakeholders, including parents and communities, to sustain learning.

How does it work?

In this context, the GTC brings further learning opportunities for teacher professional development in the fields of hybrid and distance education, and training courses focused on the knowledge and skills required to teach at a distance and in diverse learning environments, including crisis situations, also through curriculum management and formative assessment. Drawing from the GEC partners and UNESCO’s own frameworks and standards, the GTC aims to develop teachers and more adaptive and responsive education systems.

Who can access the courses?

The GTC offers teachers, teacher educators, and teacher training institutions a curated online catalogue of self-paced and facilitated courses. All offers are free of charge. Teachers and teacher educators can access the self-paced courses by clicking the link provided.

Learn more about the program at the UNESCO website.

For accessing facilitated courses, please contact [email protected]

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