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India: Customizable and Integrated Tablet based Learning for the Underserved – TABLAB Project

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Customizable and Integrated Tablet based Learning for the Underserved

All of us working with underserved learners have been experimenting with tablets and their use in different ways. There are various aspects & challenges involved in design, content, implementation, proactive child engagement, hardware management, ease of use and capturing of desired outcomes via these digital learning programs. TABLAB is a concept designed as an attempt to address most of these practical challenges faced by all of us!  It’s a program currently being implemented in some states in India.

Auto – Charging and Safety Trolley

TABLAB includes a customizable tablet trolley to solve the practical challenges of separately charging the tablets daily, which can be a major reasons for the field coordinators, NGO teachers and workers to loose interest and not use the devices as much as desired, while the children are waiting to get their hands on it everyday (if they enjoy and find value in the richness of content though!)The trolley enables very easy and parallel charging of all tablets from a single power button, and even while the tabs are locked in the same!The trolley can be designed/customized as per the requirements for in-school and out of school support programs and can be even fixed to a wall with a single charging plug next to it, making it a completely plug and play, hassle free personalized learning unit!

Multi Category & Customizable Offline Content

TABLAB integrates all types of content offline on the tablets so as to deliver a holistic and enjoyable learning which students would proactively love to explore.

  1. Multimedia Animations based Content in English/ Local Languages
  2. Digital Books in English and Local languages
  3. Free STEM Projects & best out of waste experiments
  4. Play Way Learning Apps
  5. Practice Assessments for performance and learning outcomes

The content can be curated, customized and delivered in any country, for any language medium and any target learners.

Offline Anroid LMS and Student Wise Reports

TABLAB uses an android platform which works offline and has the below mentioned features:

  1. It facilitates use of all types of content offline to the learners
  2. It has the option to mask android and convert to an online learning device
  3. It records all usage and learning data offline on each device
  4. The entire data gets automatically synced to a central cloud reporting system, whenever the tablets get access to even a basic internet connection at any time.
  5. The backend ensures 100% authentic usage data with recorded impact and learning outcomes for all stakeholders anytime, anywhere.

 Complements Student’s and Stakeholder’s Psychology

  1. Since the students love it and the facilitators feel that their work gets simplified and not increased due to TabLab, therefore amazingly regular usage happens in all situations even when no one is visiting!
  2. Since the content approach is non judgemental and enjoyable, therefore even introvert students start using tablets and whatever content type they like more, thereby greatly boosting their overall personality and self confidence.
  3. Furthermore, TabLab with its skill-oriented content can help the students to develop most important skills for a growth oriented future.

Basically, TabLab can make our underserved students fall in love with learning and growth!

Please reach out to us if you feel we can work jointly to enrich our target learners anywhere across the globe.

Team iDream Education ( )

Puneet Goyal (+91 9592296975) [email protected]

Some Collateral on TABLAB:

    1. Concept Note on TABLAB

               2. TABLAB in action at rural government schools in Gujarat, India

Source: iDREAM Education 


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