Our shared goal is to achieve equity in education, reach the remaining and most vulnerable groups with no access to education, and support quality improvements in learning for all people.

A brief overview of education situation in the region

0 Million

Out-of-School Children

0 Million

Illiterate Youth


Budget for OOSCY
(out-of-school children and youth)

Up to
1 %
of GDP
Economical Cost (for not solving the problem)

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 We aim to reach the unreached and promote equity, quality, inclusion, and flexibility in formal, informal, and non-formal education, as well as lifelong learning and global citizenship.

You will be able to gain new knowledge and expertise, connect with the community of practitioners and lead changes in education to provide equitable opportunities. 

Our main targets of development are learners in crises, minorities, migrants, refugees, girls, rural students, and learners with special needs.

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In Southeast Asia, 3.3 million children are out of school and disadvantaged. Following SDG 4, we need to come together to provide learning opportunities to realize their potential and increase well-being.

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